Melissa Gonzalez

- Founder of The Lionesque Group and the Chief Pop-Up Architect™

Melissa Gonzalez

Making new ways for businesses to connect to consumers

Melissa Gonzalez

The entrepreneur, author and speaker Melissa Gonzalez is breaking down everything about the present and future of retail being one of Design:Retail’s Top 10 Retail Design Influencers. As CEO and founder of The Lionesque Group and the Chief Pop-Up Architect™, Melissa Gonzalez has helped clients rethink in-store experiences and connect to their customers since 2009.

Additionally, she founded Clark in 2017, an interactive platform empowering customers to seamlessly connect the online and offline worlds using digital wireless personal shopping keys.

In 2018, she was named one of LinkedIn’s top 10 must-know writers and creators.
In her book The Pop-Up Paradigm: How Brands Can Build Human Connections in a Digital Age, she reflects on her work with retail strategy.


Melissa Gonzalez is an exceptional speaker drawing on her experience as a successful entrepreneur. Speaking on topics such as the future of retail strategy and living in a phygital world, she presents the latest trends impacting the future and thought-provoking ideas on how to integrate the digital landscape with physical improvements. She is looking at today’s consumers and how they affect the market. In her keynotes, you can learn how to unlock “super consumers” by integrating your online business in the physical world. Melissa Gonzalez shares with your audience tools to enhance their customers’ experience with your brand.

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