Melissa Gonzalez

- Founder of The Lionesque Group and the Chief Pop-Up Architect™


Below are Melissa Gonzalez’s keynote topics that are focusing on her experience as an entrepreneur and work with retail strategy.

The Future of Retail

New technologies are advancing and reshaping today’s consumer at a faster pace than ever before. Melissa will introduce you to forward thinking key trends impacting the future of retail. Today, customers expect retailers and brands to know them better than they know themselves regardless of how quickly they are evolving. In this keynote, you can hear how you can leverage key trends to answer how consumers will shop in the years to come.

  • 5 key trends reshaping the future of retail in 2019
  • How to create fans, not just consumers of your brand and the benefits of doing so
  • Balancing automation vs. humanization of retail. The outcome may shock you!

Living in a Phygital World

Learn how an omni-channel approach to brick-and-mortar retail help brands unlock “super consumers” by bridging their online business in the physical world. Via a dive into best-in-class examples of multi-channel retailers strategically meshing e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail.

  • Thought-provoking ideas on how to integrate the digital landscape with physical improvements
  • A look at our consumers today and how they affect your market and consumers
  • Creating the right filters for your tech integration
  • Understanding the important role content strategy plays in phygital retail experiences and how to use it to your advantage


From a trading desk to leading the industry’s shift to pop-up retail. Learn how a former Wall Street executive leveraged her skill set in business and finance to pursue a more creative endeavor. Through twists and turns hear how her experiences in the process constantly informed her decisions and path to success.

  • Why “failing” along the way is sometimes the most critical path to success.
  • How to learn and iterate at a quicker pace
  • Building a team that builds you and your company
  • When the appropriate time is for growth and when to leap!

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